The maids spilled bleach on my carpet.
A bleach stain on the carpet has to be the 2nd most aggravating concern
for our customers (
berber snag is #1).  As aggravating as it may be, it is
one of the easiest to repair.  Depending on the size of the Clorox© bleach
stain on your carpet, we can fix it by performing a Fiber Transplant©.  An
extra piece of carpet certainly helps, however if you don't have any, we can
take the extra carpet from a closet, under a piece of furniture or even from
under a wall or vent hole.

For a
free quote, please have the quantity and sizes of the bleach stain(s)
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  • All carpet bleach marks can be repaired
  • Most carpet bleach spills are by Maid Services