My daughter dropped make-up
How many times has the lipstick rolled off your makeup counter onto the
carpet?  Acne medications are considered cosmetics, however they
sometimes make a
bleach mark on the carpet.  Depending on the size of
the Cosmetic_Makeup stain on your carpet, we can fix it by performing a
Fiber Transplant© on it.  An extra piece of carpet certainly helps, however
if you don't have any, we can take the extra carpet from a closet, under a
piece of furniture or even from under a wall or vent hole.

For a
free quote, please have the quantity and sizes of the bleach stain(s)
  • Most common cosmetic spilled on carpet is lipstick
  • Acne medication is the #2 most spilled
  • All cosmetic & medication stains can be repaired 100%