Candle Wax spill on carpet.
How to remove candle wax from carpet:
1)  First, try to remove as much of the wax by hand
2)  Freeze the wax with a ice cubes
3)  Shatter it with a blunt object, then remove by hand
Note:  The colder the wax, the easier it is to remove
Still not working?...
1)  Place a brown paper bag over wax area
3)  Allow the wax to transfer on to the brown paper bag
4)  Use a new brown bag frequently to prevent smearing

It is unfortunate when candle wax is spilled onto a carpet.  Rest assured, the candle wax spill can be fixed by patching it.  
An extra piece of carpet certainly helps, however if you don't have any, we can take the extra carpet from a closet, under a
piece of furniture or even from under a wall or vent hole if it's small enough.  

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