On average, carpeting is your 3rd largest investment  (Home is #1,
automobile is #2).  The life-span of carpet is 10-20 years.  As a general rule
of thumb, it is far less expensive to repair or clean your carpet versus
purchasing brand new.   However, there are a few factors to keep in mind
when making your decision:

Appearance:  If your carpet is showing its age,  can you live with the
current appearance?  Personal preference plays an important role,
especially if you
often host guests where good impressions are important.  
If you don't mind the appearance and the carpet is less then 9 years old,
repairing - cleaning or stretching your carpet is a good choice.

Cost:  Simple economics, if your budget allows for new carpet, it is
always nice to treat yourself to a fresh new look.  You work hard for your
money and are entitled to coming home to a nice home environment.  If
cost isn't an issue and your on the fence with your decision,
new carpet
is a good choice.

Life-Span:  If your carpet has little life left or over 9 years old, then
repairing your carpet will be a waste of money.  Especially if you're going
to replace it within a year or so.  On the contrary, if you simply want to
"get by" (eg. selling home, guests coming over etc), then repairing -
cleaning or stretching your carpet is a good choice.

Future wear-ability:  If you have kid(s) and/or pet(s) and feel they are
going to be harsh on your carpet, then let them 'tear-up' the existing
carpet a bit longer before you get new carpet.  In the meantime, if you
simply want to "get by" temporarily, then
repairing - cleaning or
stretching your carpet is a good choice.

Time:  If you're moving out soon, then try and salvage your existing carpet.  
Spend as little as possible since you won't be there to enjoy the new carpet.
 However, if your carpet is damaged and will hinder potential buyers, then
repairing - replacing - cleaning or stretching your carpet is a choice you'll
have to select on your own based on budget.

               Cost Analysis:

Replace 1 room of new carpet: 250 sqft. @ $2 - $6 /sqft = $500-$1,500

2 rooms of carpet due to rippling:  250 total sqft  =  $152

1 bleach OR burn spot with an extra piece of remnant =  $175

2 small berber snags on carpet:  Small  =  $195

Whether we repair or install new carpet, we're here to help solve your
carpet concerns.  Our phone lines and email are always open.  Our
advice and estimates are
ALWAYS FREE.  Please take a moment to get a
free quote on repairing or installing new carpet so you can come to an
informed decision.
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