Area rugs to perfection...
  • Rug binding & serging
  • Refringing & backing
  • Custom rug making & carving
Since the 1200's, people have always loved the comfort and warm feeling of an
area rug.  Now days, it is also used as an accent piece in a room to add to its
decor.  We can cut, seam, and bind any rug to your exact dimensions, color and
specifications.  When a rug is manufactured, a finished edge is place around the
edge of the rug so it doesn't unravel or get damaged by foot traffic.  The most
common types of finished edges are:  
Binding, Serging or Fringe (see pictures).

Rug Binding is a man made narrow fabric placed over the raw edge of the rug,
then sewn on to prevent it from fraying.  
Rug Serging is a yarn material which is
threaded/sewn around the edge leaving the appearance of hand woven edging.
Fringe is a decorative loose border which pertrudes outward 1-4 inches.  


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