Franchise Information
Each vehicle typically generates over $100,000.
...we GUARANTEE IT in writing.

Franchising dates back to the early 1850's when Isaac Singer wanted to increase
distribution of his newly upgraded sewing machine.  Since then, there have been
millions of franchises sold.  However, since the 1850's, there has
never been a
written guarantee for a franchise business.  EVER!  Until now.  

When you jump on board with, you receive 1-on-1 support from the
very beginning and national recognition from the major retailers across the USA.
You have the potential to earn on average $
197,000 per truck in gross income, by
offering carpet repair, carpet sales & services in your area.  You can either add onto
your existing services OR as a stand-alone business.

Now days, it takes more then just experience to make a company successful. Most
people are under the impression if you have good quality work and experience,
you'll make good money. This is only part of the equation.  You can have 30 years
experience in
ANY industry, but if your phone isn't ringing, what good is it?  Once
you become a franchisee, you belong to an elite family in the carpet industry who
strives to make you money.  Period!  Long are the days of  "up and down" income
levels, we help you strive to level out the "ups & downs".  You receive full benefits
and immediate marketing funnels, corporate logos, Internet traffic & support, signs,
financial & legal support and more.  We even strive to get your phone ringing right
away so you can start making money immediately!

Enjoy the comfort of having your own territory with unlimited potential and no
monthly royalties based on a percentage of your income.  It is in
OUR best interest
to keep you in business, which is why you get the 1-on-1 support whenever called
upon.  You'll also enjoy the benefit of our support group who meets yearly in
Chicago (mandatory seminar fee: $775 / yr. ); and also our newsletters, updated
uniforms, big name retail jobs and more.  

With our package options, you can start right from your own home, full time or even
part-time initially.  Learn as you grow and build into multiple crews, our franchise
packages are designed to grow at your own pace.  
Complete Care turn-key
packages include:  
Equipment, supplies, training, support & uniforms.  We even
provide you with scheduling software, business cards, letter-head, envelopes,
invoices, brochures etc.  Everything you need to guarantee your success,

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Initial Investment:  Territory License:  $29,750
(Includes start up, operations, equipment, website & usage of franchise name(s).  
Each additional 22 mile territory: $9,975)

OPTION 1:  Services>    $3,247 ($515/mnth fixed royalty)
OPTION 2:  Services & Flooring Sales>    $5,613  ($715/mnth fixed royalty)
OPTION 3:  Services & Flooring Store Front>       $13,753 / 1,000sqft  ($915/mnth fixed royalty)
OPTION 4:  Services, Flooring & Vacuum Store Front>       $24,703 / 1,000sqft  ($1177/mnth fixed royalty)
OPTION 5:  Services, Flooring & Vacuum Store Front-Cleaning>  $24,703 /1,000sqft + $58,750 ($1415/mnth royalty)
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Naperville IL 60563
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