Berber Snag estimate...
For a berber snag, It helps to have extra carpet available, if not, we can take a donor piece from a closet, floor vent,
wall, or under a piece of furniture.  In some extreme cases of extra-long snags, we might have to empty the room of
furniture, re-cut the snag the full length of the room, then re-seam the entire area and install the entire room again.

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The dog's nails snagged my carpet
Berber carpet is typically THE most durable carpet on the market.  It
is used in businesses quite often due to the high traffic.  Basements
are another common place for berber, and also hallways and stairs.  
However, berber carpet has a weakness... it snags very easy.  
Whether it's the vacuum cleaner or the dogs nails snagging it, we
can fix it by performing a Fiber Transplant© on it.  An extra piece of
carpet certainly helps, however if you don't have any, we can take the
extra carpet from a closet, under a piece of furniture or even from
under a wall or vent hole.
  • One of the most durable carpets is Berber
  • One of Berbers' weaknesses is snaging easily
  • All berber snags can be fixed by doing a Fiber Transplant©