Bleach© spill on carpet.
In the unlikely event Bleach© is spilled onto a carpet, rest assured the Bleach© spill can be repaired.  

There are 4 options for you to select from, which we can service for you:

1.  Re-Dye.  This is a process which is most commonly used for apartment complexes.  Since matching the color of the
carpet isn't 100%, we must re-dye the entire room (and any other adjoining carpet) in order for it to match.  
Drawback:  Not cost effective since all areas must be dyed .  Reserved primarily for Apartments doing 'mass-dying'.
2.  Patch carpet.  This is our most cost effective and full proof method for fixing Bleach on your carpet .  Typically, we use
any extra scrap carpet you might have left over from when it was first installed.  If none is available, we would then take a
donor piece of carpet from a closet, floor vent or perhaps under a piece of furniture which you feel will never be moved.
Drawback:  Depending on wear & age, the patch might be noticeable due to the donor carpet being newer.
3.  NEW carpet.  Replacing the carpet is THE most full proof method, however definitely not cost effective.  We can try to
happy to sit with you and select your
new carpet.  
4.  DIY.  If the wax spill is 3 inches or smaller, you are able to "DO IT YOURSELF " (DIY) with our carpet patch kit we sell
Drawback:  If not done properly, can damage the carpet even more

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