I accidentally dropped the iron
Irons remove wrinkles from your clothes, much like we remove wrinkles
from carpet.  Typically, you never want to iron your clothes on an un-sturdy
ironing board, and just in case, be sure the ironing board isn't located
over carpet.  Most accidents are from the dog knocking the ironing board
OR while ironing yourself, a quick-accidental bump of the ironing board
and it sends the iron crashing onto the carpet.

Depending on the size of the iron burn on your carpet, we can fix it by
performing a Fiber Transplant© or if it's full size, we might have to do a
carpet patch.  An extra piece of carpet certainly helps, however if you don't
have any, we can take the extra carpet from a closet, under a piece of
furniture or even from under a wall or vent hole.

For a
free quote, please have the quantity and sizes of the bleach stain(s)
  • Iron will typically singe the carpet in less then 1 second
  • Most new irons have an automatic shut off to prevent burns
  • All iron burns can can be fixed 100%

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