Mon-Fri 9a-5p CST
12.15.08  Our annual company Christmas party was
held at Benihana Restaurant in Lombard.  Thanks
out to all our staff who joined us.
11.24.08  New Shaw carpet samples in stock.  The
6th Generation Nylon which is fully recyclable is
available in all earth tones and all patterns.  
11.3.08  New Employee:  A warm welcome out to
Randy P. our newest service technician.  He will be
joining Steve on Van 1.
10.24.08  We welcome DalTile to our newest line of
stone & tile.  Thanks out to everyone out at Dal-tile
for all their hard work in getting our newest displays
up and running for our customers.
10.16.08  We added a new company vehicle in order
to better help our customers.  Our newest addition is
a '08 Smart Car by Mercedes.
10.14.08  New Employee:  A warm welcome to our
newest office manager Cheryl T.  Thanks out to Larry
S for referring her to us.  She comes to us on a
temporary basis until her family moves to Indiana.  
Extremely detail oriented, professional and the
customers/employees love her.
9.19.08 Our new signs are up on our building here
on Ogden.  Thanks out to Dave at SignArama for all
his hard work and attention to detail.
9.8.08  Our newest hardwood flooring is ready for
display.  Thanks out to Mark at Ark and LM for the
excellent looking  display units.  This years #1 selling
hardwood floor is a 5" Brazilian Cherry -  Hand
Scrapped w/ beveled edging. #2 is the African Ebony
5" plank with rustic leather wrapping.
8.27.08  New Employee:  A warm welcome out to
Robert R., our newest employee.  He comes to us
with 21 years experience in flooring.
8.15.08  New Location:  We're expanding again!  Our
newest location is literally 2 miles from our existing
location.  In our expansion, we'll offer customers
more selection, better pricing and centrally located in
Naperville.  More info to come.
8.1.08  New Samples:  The 6th generation Nylon from
Shaw has been released to dealers.  Shaw calls it
"cradle to cradle", the first FULLY recyclable carpet
from start to finish.  Call for an appointment to view
7.3.08  Wood floors:  Thanks out to Mark our wood
rep for going above and beyond the call of duty to
bring us our new hardwood floor samples.  Choose
from solids, engineered or laminate wood floors.  
6.23.08  New Tile arrival:  '09 tile samples have
arrived and are on display in our dealer showroom.  
5.26.08  Memorial Day:  Closed on Monday, May 26,
2008 in observance of Memorial Day.
5.5.08  Price Increase:  Recently, the 3 largest carpet
manufactures (Beaulieu, Shaw & Mohawk) raised
their carpet & padding costs due to the rise in
gasoline.  Unfortunately, our prices may reflect an
increase as well.
4.8.09  Hired:  Congrats out to our 2 newest
employees:  Steve has 39 years experience and
comes to us with dedication, attention to detail and
willingness to work.  Robert Jr. is our newest office
manager who helps us with our spring/summer rush
and takes new carpet samples to our customers.
3.7.08  Addition:  We have fully integrated another
call station to our office in order to accommodate the
upcoming spring time rush.  We will be adding a 5th
phone line to help with the calls.  A sales staff will be
added this year to help with on-site new carpet sales
and estimates for carpet repairs.
3.5.08 Update:  Sales data has been compiled for
year to date (YTD). A growth of +102% increase over
last year has been logged, with individual department
sales increasing exponentially.  More and more of
our corporate accounts are trying to cut costs due to
this recession.  They realize it is more cost effective
to repair the carpet instead of replacing.  Since we
do both repairing OR replacing, our sales are
experiencing triple digit growth.
3.1.08  Announcement:  We welcome Lowe's Home
Center to our family. We will commence carpet
installation effective immediately and on a part-time
basis.  We currently install carpet for Home Depot
and Menards and local "mom & pop" stores.  
2.29.08  Leap Year day.  Why?  A calendar year is
365 days long.  It actually takes the earth 365 1/4
days to circle the sun.  Since we're not adding this
extra 1/4 day in our regular calendar, we need to
"make up" this 1/4 day in order to accurately track
the seasons, dates & time.  This 1/4 day is added
every 4 years (4 quarter days = 1 full day) to the
month of February making it 29 days instead of 28.  If
we didn't add this quarter day, every 40 years we
would be short 10 days OR every 120 years we
would be short 30 days; making our seasons, dates
& times incorrect.
2.4.08  Board members are all in favor of new pricing
specials for new carpet and padding.  "...As of today,
we are pleased to announce a new pricing plan for
our customers on new carpet and pad".  In a
unanimous vote and for immediate release, a
"Recession Special" will go into effect on all new
carpet & padding.  This is to counter the effects of
this 'recession' everyone is talking about.  
Free quote.
12.15.07  Our 16th annual holiday party was a
success, held at Sullivan's Steak House in beautiful
downtown Naperville.  The employees and their
significant other's were all invited for a pleasant
evening which included live music, live seafood,
delicious steak and of course their favorite drinks.  
As a night cap, employees all voted on bowling at
Brunswick Bowling Alley in Naperville with drinks
included.  Thanks out to all our employees for their
wonderful effort this year and we look forward to
11.20.07  Congrats out to Bill M. of Naperville, he is
our next 200th repair customer.  Every 200th
customer receives 1 free room of brand new carpet.  
Bill needed carpet stretching in 2 rooms and hallway.  
We moved his furniture, power-stretched his carpet,
re-cut & re-installed his 3 areas for him.
11.16.07  Wait no longer! The new '08 Shaw samples
have arrived! Call, click or stop by for a peek.
11.09.07   Another milestone reached as we hit our
10,000th carpet repair customer!  Congrats out to
Sharon K. of Naperville, she receives a coupon for a
full refund on her carpet repair OR a credit on her
new carpet purchase from us
10.15.07  To help service the customers better,
we've doubled our showroom floor to make room for
more carpet samples.  It also enables us to prepare
for our Hardwood, Tile & Stone flooring samples
which will be on display soon.
9.19.07  Some of the new '08 carpet samples are
starting to arrive.  The newest 'eye opener' this new
year is "MEGA-FRIEZE".  Call now to make an
appointment so you can feel how super-soft it is.
9.12.07  We've expanded again!  With business
experiencing a 211% increase over last year, we
added a 3rd truck to our fleet.
9.10.07  Thanks out to all our repair customers who
were patient enough to wait for service on their
carpet so we may catch up on all the flood calls for
New carpet & new padding.  Our offices took over
1,100 phone calls on all 4 lines for the 3 week period.
9.1.07  With all the rain from the end of August, we
experienced an enormous rush of calls to replace
carpet and/or pad for our business and residential
clients.  Thanks out to everyone for their patience
while we finish up our flood calls.
8.18.07  The onslaught of flood calls starts to trickle
into our offices from the rains which drenched our
Chicago Land area for 1 week straight.
7.13.07  A special welcome to our newest Senior
Technician, Tim B.  Tim comes to us with 14 years
experience, an excellent attitude and positive spirit.  
A real 'go-getter' and problem solver.
5.28.07  After a leave of absence, Robert M. has
returned from California to finish his apprenticeship
to become a Senior Technician.
5.13.07  A special welcome to our newest Junior
Tech, Nicole W.  She comes to us with strong desire
to work, eager to learn new techniques.
4.2.07  We're expanding again!  On Monday, we
moved down the street to our newest location (800 W
5TH AVE, NAPERVILLE IL).  Special thanks out to
Mustang Inc., Linda, Mike, Jose & Ben for their help
and support.
3.1.07  A special welcome to our newest Senior
Technician, Bob Nolte. Bob comes to us with 32
years experience, attention to detail and willingness
to work.
2.5.07  We've added a NEW CARPET line (Beaulieu)
to our arsenal of contemporary carpet.