After I clean it, I still smell urine!
  • FACT:  Urine contains salt
  • FACT:  Salt is activated by humidity which causes the smell
  • FACT:  Remove the salt and you remove the smell
  • FACT:  A pet will never urinate where their food is. (hint, lol)
  • FACT:  You have 2 options: Decontaminate OR Replace (we do both)
Does it seem like no matter how often you scrub your carpet, you can still
smell the urine?  Urine is water based and contains salt, once the urine
dries, the remaining salt is activated by excessive humidity (or rainy days).

Urine immediately soaks into the padding & sub-floor, our job is to
determine if we should

Since carpet cleaning alone will not remove urine smells, to
DECONTAMINATE, we expose the problem areas and replace the
padding.  Once padding has been replaced & sub-flooring
sanitized/sealed, we reinstall your freshly cleaned carpet into place and
put your furniture back to its original location.

We'll also determine if  
REPLACING the flooring is a better choice;
especially if the existing flooring is showing its age OR if the cost of
REPLACING is almost the same as Decontamination.  

We would be happy to give you a quote for
Decontaminating or Replacing.

For a free quote, please have your room sizes available.